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Building holistic skills for health professionals.

Apply now! Classes start September 2018.

Admission Requirements

There is a $59 fee to apply to the Professional Addiction Studies program. Students who wish to enter the Diploma or Certificate in Professional Addiction Studies are required to meet the following admission criteria based on their education and/or work experience:

  • Undergraduate degree in a related field, or college diploma in a related field. Relevant fields of study include psychology, social work, health, social sciences, public health, community and social services, child and youth studies.

  • A minimum of 2 years full-time (4,000 hours) supervised experience in fields such as addiction, mental health, social and community services, nursing, law enforcement/criminal justice, or first responders.

This program has specific entrance requirements and all applicants must meet these requirements to be considered for program admittance. Supporting documents are required as part of the application process.

Students in the existing Addiction Careworker Diploma and Addiction Studies Certificate program will be eligible to transfer to the Professional Addiction Studies program, provided they meet the above admission requirements. The full online application and $59 application fee applies. 

To be eligible for transfer, such students must have completed no more than 50% of the current program. Please refer to the "Transfer Credits" page.

This option will be available to students in the Addiction Careworker Diploma and Addiction Studies Certificate for 18 months following the notice of closure of these programs (until August 31, 2019).

Admittance to the current Addiction Studies Certificate or Addiction Careworker Diploma program does not guarantee admittance into the new Professional Addiction Studies program.