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Put Your Ideas Centre Stage

Confident and captivating communication.

Course Descriptions

Participants who register for this non-credit program are required to attend all three weeks. Upon successful completion, they ?are eligible for a Certificate of Attendance from McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education.

Week 1: Introduction to Presentation Skills


  • Learn how to create and communicate memorable presentations to various professional audiences
  • Introduction to elements of storytelling
  • Present to professional audiences of varied sizes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop skills to deliver clear and articulate presentations and interviews
  • Develop your personal presentation style
  • Build confidence and empathy

Week 2: Presentation Skills and Storytelling


  • Build your narrative and effective story sequences supported by skilled delivery (body and voice awareness)
  • ?Focus on the dynamic interrelationship of the storyteller and the listener
  • ?Receive individualized coaching from the instructor

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop unique individual skills and styles in storytelling
  • Analyze and interpret narratives from intellectual, emotional and physical perspectives
  • Develop skills in verbal and visual communication, observation and reflection

Week 3: Team Presentation


  • Learn when to lead and when to follow by understanding yourself and others
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Learn to prepare, plan and present as a team

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop skills in verbal and visual communication, observation and reflection
  • Collaborate effectively as part of an ensemble team
  • Learn to critique presentations effectively