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Business of Golf & Resort Management

Swing into action!

Management courses customized for the golf & resort industry

Admission Requirements

Business of Resort and Golf Management Diploma

This program is an open enrolment program. There is no formal admission procedure. To enrol in a course or the program, simply register online. Students should register at least three weeks before classes begin. Courses can be taken as part of a program or individually.

To be admitted to the CCE programs, students must have:

  • an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent;
  • be a mature student as defined in the Undergraduate Calendar of McMaster University; or,
  • be deemed an exceptional case.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

If your first language is not English, you must meet the University’s English language proficiency requirements.

What if I started the courses with the Golf Management Institute of Canada (GMIC) and am now enrolling with McMaster University? 

To earn the Diploma through McMaster CCE you will need to take all 10 courses through McMaster. If you have taken a few courses with GMIC and you are now continuing the remaining courses through McMaster, you will be eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion from McMaster and a Certificate of Recognition from the GMIC.