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Business of Golf & Resort Management

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Management courses customized for the golf & resort industry

Professional Designation

I am pursuing PGA of Canada Class 'A' status, how can the McMaster program help?  

The PGA of Canada’s minimal education requirement to become a Class A member has always been the completion of a three-year business administration diploma from a recognized Canadian college. The Business of Golf & Resort Management courses on a standalone basis do not fulfill the PGA of Canada’s current educational requirements to become a Class A member. It does, however, when coupled with a non-business degree or diploma.

Anyone interested in becoming a Class A member of the PGA of Canada should contact the association directly at 1-800-782-5764 (www.pgaofcanada.com).

What other professional designations can benefit from McMaster golf and resort management courses?  

You may qualify for continuing education or re-certification credits with;

Please contact the association directly for more information.