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Tavneet Khera, McMaster University Continuing Education Human Resources Management graduate Tavneet Khera, McMaster University Continuing Education Human Resources Management graduate

Human Resources Management

People + Skills.

Pursue your CHRP/CHRL along with an HR Diploma


 In-person and online formats now share the same course number. Take care to choose your desired format when enrolling. See a full list of new and previous course numbers

HRM 821 Organizational Behaviour* ^ (3 Units)

Explore human behaviour through influences that affect productivity, efficiency and organizational effectiveness through group work and case material. Experiential learning project course, no final exam.

Instructors: Heather PollexFrank TristaniLisa Gulesserian

HRM 897 Recruitment & Selection* ^ (3 Units)

Explore recruitment, selection, job analysis, competency modelling, screening, interviewing and decision making. Proctored Final Exam (in-person sections), Experiential learning project course, no final exam (online sections).

Instructors: Ernesto SolariBeth Lariviere

HRM 898 Compensation* (3 Units)

Understand the process, issues and techniques involved in developing and administering a compensation system. Proctored Final Exam (online sections), Experiential learning project course, no final exam (in-person sections).

Instructors: Gerry Culina

HRM 899 Labour Relations* (3 Units)

Study the relationship between employers and employees in Ontario, including collective bargaining and grievance resolution. Proctored Final Exam.

Instructors: Konrad WojtowiczYvone Defreitas

HRM 901 Human Resources Management* (3 Units)

Using an experiential approach, this course reviews the fundamentals of human resources management. Proctored Final Exam.

Instructors: Kathi McBride-AndersonJoanne SpezialeStephen White

ACC 830 Basic Bookkeeping (1.5 Unit)

Review fundamental bookkeeping principles and skills associated with a senior high school-level understanding of bookkeeping.
Note: This course does not count as an elective credit.

Instructors: Helen Montoux

ACC 920 Effective Communication (3 Units)

Develop critical thinking, research, writing, editing, and presentation skills. Learn strategies for writing effective business summaries and reports. Explore the tools and techniques for successfully preparing for and writing examinations. Antirequisite: BUS 850

Instructors: Jason Wong

BUS 847 Principles & Practices of Supervision (3 Units)

Understand behaviours that lead to effective supervision. Study the concept of Situational Leadership.

BUS 850 Business Communications (3 Units)

Gain the knowledge and skills associated with clearly receiving, transmitting and communicating information within the business environment. Antirequisite: ACC 920

Instructors: Jennifer A. FrostKaren PaytonNerissa Knapp

HRM 817 Business Finance & Accounting* (3 Units)

Become familiar with the concepts, language and uses of financial and management accounting in business, including statements, budgets and profit planning. Proctored Final Exam. Antirequisite: BUS 860 *ACC 829 ¨C Preparatory Mathematics is recommended as a pre-requisite to this course.

Instructors: Jeffrey OˇŻLeary

HRM 902 Training & Development* ^ (3 Units)

Examine the function of training and development, including the psychology of learning, needs assessment, program design and evaluation, and group dynamics. Experiential learning project course, no final exam.

Instructors: Paul Maher

HRM 921 Occupational Health & Safety* (3 Units)

Explore occupational health and safety. Technical, legislative, political and personnel issues are studied. Proctored Final Exam.

Instructors: Steve Fletcher

HRM 923 Human Resources Planning* (3 Units)

Examine human resources planning theory, including job analysis, manpower planning and forecasting, management development, information systems and program implementation. Proctored Final Exam.

Instructors: Kerry Birch

HRM 941 Wellness in the Workplace (3 Units)

Examine why health promotions make sense as a return on investment for employers and provide insight into the process of designing, managing, and evaluating a program. No Final Exam.

Instructors: Beth Lariviere
* Course approved by the Human Resources Professional AssociationTM.

^ Experiential learning project course, no final exam.