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Iron ore steel?
Know your product.

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of steel.

Future Degree Studies

Students who graduate with the Metallurgy of Iron and Steel Certificate,  and who wish to pursue degree studies at McMaster University, may be eligible to receive up to 15 units of undergraduate academic credit, as determined by the Faculty into which they are applying. The student must be accepted into the Faculty before this advanced standing is granted. 

For application information to degree studies, visit the Registrar's Web site -http://registrar.mcmaster.ca.

As per McMaster University Senate policy (May 2017), a course can be used no more than two times towards a McMaster University credential. At McMaster, the term credential refers to a certificate, a certificate of completion, a diploma, a MyOWNMcMaster milestone, and an undergraduate degree.

If you require more information, please be sure to contact us.?