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Your path to success - progress through diploma programs to earn your university degree!

My OWN McMaster Pathway Process

The process to move along the pathway from your diploma to degree studies is easy to navigate.


/_uploads/images/1.png  Step 1: Apply to My OWN McMaster, Accept your offer of admission and receive a ?etailed learning plan.
/_uploads/images/myownmcmaster/ApplyAdmit.jpg Questions? Select the Ask a Question button on right.
McMaster Continuing Education's Information Specialists are available to you to determine if the pathway if right for you. 

/_uploads/images/2.png  Step 2: Commence your studies with the Centre for Continuing Education (Diploma and CCE General electives)

My OWN McMaster students are required to complete 60 units of study (approximately 20 courses) with the Centre for Continuing Education.  The 60 units are comprised of a CCE diploma program (miniumum of 24 units of study) and general elective courses from existing certificate and diploma programs (minimum of 36 units).  


My OWN McMaster advisors will contact the Faculty advisors to assist with your transition to degree studies.   

Admission to Degree Studies:

My OWN McMaster pathway students are expected to meet the academic standards and requirements set out by the Centre for Continuing Education and the Faculty of Humanities, History Department and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology Department. 

In order to be admitted to degree studies upon completion of 60 units of study with CCE, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of a Business Communications course (3 units);
  • A minimum cumulative average (diploma + elective credit) of B+ (77%; Grade point 9 on McMaster’s grade point scale)
/_uploads/images/3.png Step 3: Commence your undergraduate program in History or Sociology
My OWN McMaster students are required to complete 30 units of study (approximately 10 courses) with the degree program of their choice (History or Sociology). 


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