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young male web designer working on a tablet at a desk while smiling at the camera young male web designer working on a tablet at a desk while smiling at the camera

Web Design

Combine powerful design
and practical business skills.

Create a portfolio, enhance your skills, build your future.

Course Descriptions

WEB 201 1 - Fundamentals of Web Design: Principles and Practices of Website Design (3 Units)

This course incorporates the foundational principles of Web design with experiential activities relevant to the process of designing, producing and analyzing static Web sites. These principles form the basis for knowledge and skills threaded through program courses. The importance of design, type, usability and accessibility will be examined through the components of visual and text communications. Application activities involving Web design industry tools, such as Photoshop, code editing software, HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) launch the studentsí» professional portfolio projects.

Prerequisite: This is a prerequisite course for all courses in the program.

WEB 202 2 - The Information Architecture: Design for Usability and Interactivity (3 Units)

This course will probe into the components of visual and text communications as introduced in the Fundamentals of Web Design course. The User-Centered Design Process will provide a framework for an exploration and study into the organization, structure, and interface design of effective web design. Exercises are designed for students to critique different web sites in order to understand the connection between design and usability, accessibility, operations, and maintenance. Studentsí» portfolio development will continue as well as their understanding of project collaboration and effective communication.

Prerequisite: WEB 201 may be taken concurrently.

WEB 203 3 - Web Design I: The Application of Web Design (3 Units)

From the foundations of web design presented in WEB 201, this course will delve further into specific tools, standards and web design practices through application activities. Specific topics will build upon the fundamentals of HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and XML. The course will introduce principles and practices of building interactivity and heightening the design capabilities of a website, such as JavaScript, animation, web forms and graphics. Student skills in collaboration, project management and effective web writing will be integrated into course activities and the project portfolio.

Prerequisite: WEB 201

WEB 204 4 - Web Design II: Advanced Applications of Web Design (3 Units)

Building on the Web Design I course contents, this course will present advanced practices of design to meet the needs and demands of the client and user. Activities allow students to expand on their knowledge and skills in HTML, CSS, interactivity and site design principles. Additional work with JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery will be presented, as students are encouraged to demonstrate principles of responsive design. Examining the interaction of new media with web design will be presented in terms of developing the studentí»s awareness of emerging trends that will affect the role of the web designer. Portfolio building projects are emphasized as students advance skills in web design appropriate to the work environment.

Prerequisite: WEB 202. WEB 203 may be taken concurrently.

WEB 205 5 - Strategic Web Design: Building Data Driven Websites (3 Units)

The growth of e-commerce, web analytics and business evaluation drives the need to design interactive web applications to collect, retrieve and act on the info in a well-timed method. This course will compare information manipulation involving PHP, SQL via Apache Web Server. Concepts will be integrated with business practices to develop studentsí» skills in client management, assessing needs, and the ability to adapt with new media and technology. Web design and integration with CMSs will be presented as well. Task management, communication and organizational expertise are threaded into routine in addition to the completion of the pupilí»s professional portfolio.

Prerequisite: WEB 203